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Our kids ministry equips the youth of our church to love the world how God loves us through practical lessons that apply to their everyday lives. 


The high school ministry is full of students that participate in life the same way adults do. They have their own devotionals and events while staying tied in to the church community. Follow their Instagram to stay connected throughout the year!

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The singles ministry is full of people of all ages, stages of life, and educational and cultural backgrounds. They have their own events, devotionals, and their own retreats as well!


The middle school ministry helps our students engage in the Word of God in lessons that apply to their daily lives. They have their own events and serve the community alongside our members. 


Our campus ministry spans all of Tampa with students at USF, University of Tampa, HCC, and PHSC. They engage in life together through weekly LifeGroups and events. They also have statewide retreats and conferences every year! Check out their Instagram or Facebook to stay connected!

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The marrieds ministry has couples in every stage of life from just married to empty nesters. The marrieds ministry helps people connect with others that are just like them! They also have state-wide retreats and other amazing events!

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