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Ron & LauriAnne Conkling have served in the ministry for over 25 years in churches throughout Florida.  They enjoy helping others to live full and vibrant Christian lives.  Married for 35 years they enjoy their two grown children, playing with Zeke the wonder dog and dining out together. On occasion Ron will do some woodworking or ride his bike and LauriAnne likes to plan Ron's next woodworking project for the home.



Daren and Karla have been in ministry for 26 years, having served most of them in the Pacific Northwest.  They have been married for 30 years and have 3 adult children.  They enjoy helping Christians find meaning and purpose in their relationship with God in the middle of a complex world.  Daren holds a Master's Degree in Missional Theology.  In their free time, they enjoy long walks, spending time with their children, playing golf, and eating lots of sushi.




Mark & Rachel

Mark and Rachel have been married for 5 years. Mark likes to play basketball, fixing things around the house and cooking. Rachel is an avid reader and a Disney fanatic. They love playing board games and discovering new restaurants. 

Mark has served ten years in both the campus and youth and family ministries. Loves helping people know and understand God better. 
Rachel did her post-grad in Teaching at Oxford University and taught high school Chemistry for 9 years before she went in the full time ministry where she enjoys helping Christians thrive.



Elders & Wives


Michael & Marcella


Michael and Marcella have been married for 29 years and are parents to two adult daughters (Ajhani and Ashli). They find delight in helping the Young Professional Christians in our fellowship deepen their relationship with God and live lives aligned with their God-given purpose.

Michael and Marcella enjoy entertaining in their home, where Marcella showcases meal creations from their vibrant Jamaican culture.

Michael loves watching soccer and cheering on his favorite team FC Barcelona, while Marcella loves quality time with friends, listening to Reggae music and dancing. Together they find refreshment in occasional bike rides



Jeff and Lisa Chacon have been followers of Jesus for over 40 years. They were both converted in the campus ministry of the San Diego Church of Christ where they met, fell in love, and have been married for 38 years. 

They served together in the full-time ministry for several churches across the country until Lisa began working as a wealth management consultant in 2007, and is now a partner with Chacon, Diaz, & DiVirgilio Wealth Management. 

Jeff served as an Evangelist for the Anchor Point Church for 15 years before retiring in 2022. He now serves as an Elder with the leadership team of the Anchor Point Church, and on the leadership team of our Florida Regional Family of churches, as well as being one of our designated Florida Peacemakers to help with conflict resolution around the state. Jeff and Lisa are probably most well known for their marriage and family workshops through the years, as well as Jeff’s inspiring book, “Dare to Dream Again”.

Jeff and Lisa have three adult sons, three wonderful daughters in law, and eight adorable grandchildren. The two oldest couples, Tyler and Tiffany, and Kyle and Amanda, are members of the Anchor Point Church; and the youngest couple, Ryan and Andrea, are members of the Denver Church of Christ.

Jeff and Lisa love their church family very much and are humbled and grateful to be a part of it. 

Jeff & Lisa



Tim & Gwen


Tim and Gwen Kaye have been Christians for 27 years serving at Anchor point for all 27. They have been married for 29 years and have a daughter, married and a son currently serving in the US Army. Tim is a pawnbroker and Gwen has been teacher for the majority of their marriage. With Zeal for our God they are helping others find their relationship with the Lord. Tim is currently serving as a member of the board and working with both AV and the worship team. They lead a house church in Clearwater. Tim enjoys training their miniature border collie, Sadie-may. Both enjoy hiking on the Appalachian trail and hope to complete it through section hiking when they get the opportunity. They both participate in  Triathlon sprints to stay fit about every quarter.


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