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Look to the Sky!

I looked at the road with its potholes and pitfalls and wondered how I’d get by. But he reached for my arm and pointed up high, and simply said— “Look to the sky!” I found myself drowning in water so deep, afraid of the waves, so high! But he reached out his hand and pulled me back up, saying— “You forgot to look to the sky.” I looked at the mountains that loomed before me and wondered, “Why even try?” But before I knew it I was on his back, and he said— “Let’s climb to the sky!” I looked at the valleys and saw all my failures, and that’s when I began to cry. But he lifted my chin, and said ever so softly— “You’ve forgotten why I died.” “I died for your sins and I died for your failings, But in the grave I no longer lie. I’ve risen from the dead! There’s no reason to cry! Just remember…to look to the sky!”

(Poem taken from “Dare to Dream Again”, by Jeff Chacon, 2004, IPI Publishing;

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