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The Cure for Eggnog Brain

The holidays are great – until they turn into the “holidaze” – otherwise known as “eggnog brain”. (Okay, I just made that one up – but it communicates, right?)

It’s that foggy feeling, that fuzzy focus that follows eating too many sweet treats you have laying around the house over Christmas or zoning out in front of a screen for too long.

It’s a common malady around this time of year and many of us can relate.

The problem is it can lead to a sluggish spiritual life as well.

You know the symptoms:

skipping your Bible reading…

half-hearted prayers…

feeling distant from the Lord…

Can you relate to any of these symptoms? If so, watch out! You’re slipping into a sluggish spiritual life – and that can be dangerous.

Like most illnesses, the initial symptoms of a sluggish spiritual life feel minor but will become major over time if not treated promptly.

Remember that we have an enemy – someone the Bible describes as “a roaring lion looking for someone to devour” (1 Peter 5:8).

When we stray from the Shepherd of our Souls, we become easy prey for our “enemy the devil” (1 Peter 5:8).

So, what’s the cure for Eggnog Brain?

The same passage tells us: “Be alert and of sober mind…” (1 Peter 5:8)

In other words: shake off the haze! Go on, do it right now!

And renew your commitment to spend daily time with the Lord – starting today!

Run back to him, as the Holy Spirit urges us: “The name of the Lord is a fortified tower; the righteous run to it and are safe.” (Proverbs 18:10)

It’s that simple. And that important.

Don’t forget: the cure is Jesus

I remember the first time I heard a song called, “The Cure”, by Unspoken, on “The Joy FM” (a great radio station that has lots of great spiritual content).

Listen to the lyrics of this song – they really articulate the disease of sin we all suffer from and how Jesus is the only cure:

"We're all related, brothers and strangers –

the king and the beggar bleed the same.

We've all got a sickness, a terminal condition.

We medicate it but the pain won't go away.

See the eyes of a million faces

looking for it in a million places.

Only one can save us – Jesus!

You are the cure!

Everybody's searching for it.

Everybody's reaching out,

trying to grab a hold of something real.

You are the cure!

Only you can satisfy us,

fill up the void inside us.

Never been a heart you couldn't heal

You are the cure.”

Even though we know Jesus is the only cure for what ails us – we can still slip into laziness and selfishness and drift from the Lord (Hebrews 2:1).

So, take the new year as an opportunity to repent, pull it together, and tell the Lord you’re going to be spending regular time with him again – starting today.

Make a Plan

They say, “failing to plan is planning to fail”. So, make a plan.

Keep it simple – or you won’t do it.

And keep it clear – or you’ll fudge on it.

Clear and simple – that’s key to making a plan you’ll stick to.

Your clear and simple plan should cover these 3 bases:

1. When and where you will meet with the Lord each day

2. How long you will set aside for your time together

3. A daily Bible study plan

Do that, and you’re set up for success!

(And if you really want to make sure you follow through, tell a friend your plan and hold yourself accountable to him or her for a week. That always helps me.)

Daily Bible Study Plan

For the Bible study part, we got you covered: remember that our whole church is going to be reading and studying the same chapter of scripture every day again this year.

Of course, feel free to study other things too, but please do your best to follow along with us in this program as well, since much of our sermon and teaching material throughout the year will coincide with the readings, so it’s an important part of keeping in step with the rest of the church.

Everything you need to know about our Daily Bible Study Plan for 2021 (including FAQs) can be found here:


Got “eggnog brain”?

Then get Jesus – again.

Remember: he’s the only cure.

Shake off the holiday haze.

Be clear minded and alert so you can pray.

And run back to the Lord – he’ll be so happy to see you again.

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