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Who are we?

We walk with a limp, like Jacob –

and yet, we walk.

We speak with faltering lips, like Moses –

and yet, we speak.

We fall into sin, like David –

and yet, we get back up.

We get depressed, like Elijah –

and yet, we rise.

We deny Christ, like Peter –

and yet, we are restored.

We wane in our faith, like Mary –

and yet, he still calls us family.

We get distracted, like Martha –

and yet, he always brings us back.

We get frustrated in ministry, like Paul –

and yet, it can be our most sublime bliss.

Who are we?

We are his people –

flawed, feeble falterers –

but kept faithful nonetheless

by the one who turns our weakness into strength,

and never leaves our side.

Who are we?

We are his.

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